Lunch orders are available on a Tuesday and Wednesday.  You must order before 9:00am at the school office, lunch options are listed below.  

On Thursday students can bring along prepared food to be reheated, the food should be something that can be heated in the oven only. 

There is a sausage sizzle on a Friday, orders can be made at the office.

Please place orders at office before 9:00am.


Yellow Option:   Ham Wrap/Cake/Yoghurt - $5.50

Orange Option:  Ham Sandwiches/Cake/Yoghurt - $5.50

White Option:    Pie/Cake/Yoghurt - $5.50

There are also individual options available


Blue Option:     Fish & Chips - $4.30

Red Option:     Hot Dog & Chips - $3.50

Green Option:  Chicken Nuggets & Chips - $3.90

There are also individual options available


Heated lunches - to be delivered to the staff room before 9.00am


Sausage Sizzle - $1.50

Milo - $1.50

Orders can be placed at the office