Lunch orders are available on a Tuesday and Wednesday.  You must order before 9:00am at the school office, lunch options are listed below.  

On Thursday students can bring along prepared food to be reheated. 

There is a sausage sizzle on a Friday, order can be made at the office.

Please place orders at office before 9:00am.


Yellow Option:   Ham Wrap/Cake/Yoghurt - $5.50

Orange Option:  Ham Sandwiches/Cake/Yoghurt - $5.50

White Option:    Pie/Cake/Yoghurt - $5.50

There are also individual options available


Blue Option:     Fish & Chips - $4.30

Red Option:     Hot Dog & Chips - $3.50

Green Option:  Chicken Nuggets & Chips - $3.90

There are also individual options available


Heated lunches - to be delivered to the staff room before 9.00am


Sausage Sizzle - $1.50

Milo - $1.50

Orders can be placed at the office