We appreciate the expense and effort that parents and caregivers make in order to have students meet the School’s uniform standards.  To assist us in maintaining this high standard, please go through the uniform requirements below carefully with your child  to check that what they are wearing as uniform at present is acceptable.  If you are in any doubt about issues to do with the uniform, please talk with the Principal.

All uniform items are available from The Uniform Centre through mail order, order forms are available at the School Office. Culottes can also be purchased from Postie Plus in Levin. 

Each year, all students are required to be in the full summer uniform by Labour Weekend and in the winter uniform by Queen’s Birthday Weekend.


Girl's Uniform

Black Culottes

Forest Green School Polo Shirt with monogram

Forest Green Sweatshirt with monogram

Black leggings or black socks with shoes (winter)

Black Roman Sandals (summer)

Boy's Uniform

Black Shorts

Black Trousers

Forest Green School T-Shirt with monogram

Forest Green Sweatshirt with monogram

Black knee length socks with shoes (winter)

Black Roman Sandals (summer)



Hair is to be clean and kept tidy.  Long hair is to be tied up with a black or forest green hair tie.


Plain studs or sleepers in each ear.  A watch.

One necklace, only of religious or cultural significance (ie: a cross or taonga)

Sun Hats

St Mary’s School sun hats will be provided to each student during Term 1 and Term 4.  These remain at school and are washed at the end of these terms.

Uniform Pass

If a uniform pass is required due to a short term issue please write a note to the classroom teacher giving the date by which they expect your son/daughter to be back in uniform. 

If the issue is longstanding, you will need to contact the Principal to discuss ways of addressing any problem.

Sports Uniform

Students are provided with a sports uniform for competitive events.